#1 Enclosed Tractor Gun Rack for Combines Ag Sprayers and More

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Farmers you FINALLY have a safe way to carry any caliber weapon in your tractor, combine, or any type of farm machinery that is enclosed in glass. Our tractor gun rack will carry any caliber weapon to safely transport your gun when you need it. 1000’s sold without any issues. This tractor gun rack is FARMER tough.

Our Patented Gungrabber Inserts:
310 VT  is designed to hold any caliber rifle or single barrel shotgun.
300 O/U is designed to hold Side by Side, Over and Under Shotguns, or Large Bull Barrel Rifles.



Enclosed Glass Mount Tractor Gun Rack

Farmers this tractor gun rack will attach to your glass with a double suction RAM mount. Our 310VT is securely attached to the RAM mount and holds ANY caliber rifle firmly in place. Along with our glass tractor gun rack is our rubber butt this keeps the weapon fixed in position. Our glass mounted tractor gun rack is the answer to safely transporting a firearm in your tractor, combine or ag sprayers. 

If you have a problem with wild hogs, deer, or wild dogs destroying your fields and livestock this tractor gun rack is your answer. Easy to mount for quick gun access and just as easy to remove. Holds strong for safe gun access and has been put to the test by many American farmers.

The mounting bracket is a RAM Mount Double Suction Mount Base.

We have tested this application in field conditions without the mount becoming dislodged but offer no guarantee it will not.

This product includes Tractor Glass Gun Mount and Rubber Butt Mount.

**This product WILL work on curved glass**

If your tractor is not enclosed in glass our 310VT tractor gun rack can be mounted on your roll bar and allows a safe way to carry any caliber rifle in a vertical position. The 310VT patented insert also come in military grade powdered coated steel.

Glass Mount Tractor Gun Rack Utilize: 

  • Lightweight hard plastic Gun Grabber Gun rack and rubber butt.
  • Twist-Lock™ dual suction cup base is ideal for vehicle windshields and other nonporous surfaces
  • Includes plate adapter featuring the universal AMPS hole pattern compatible with a variety of RAM® bases
  • Made of high-strength composite and powder-coated steel for durability and reliability in the most demanding environments

310VT + RAM Mount= Safe Fast Gun Access

Pairing up the Gun Grabber’s patented barrel gripping technology that will hold any firearm with the easy to use Twist Lock Ram Mount is a perfect combination for tractors, combines & other farming equipment that need safe gun access. 

Enclosed Tractor or Combine Glass Mount Gun Rack with Rubber Butt. RAM mount can be configured as seen in pictures or in video.

Combine Glass Gun Rack on Vertical RAM Mount for Curved Glass

Tractor Glass Gun Rack on Parallel RAM Mount For Flat Glass

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Gungrabber Inserts

300 O/U Insert, 310VT Insert

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