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Marty Installed 310VT On His 2012 E-Z-GO RXV

Joe, these are going to be great. Easy mounting, but the screws for the shoe could be 1/2” longer. I decided to rivet the top holder for a cleaner look. Can’t wait to get them on the trail. I’ll do an Amazon review as well. BTW, whoever packed the second set let the screws out of the box. No worries, I had a couple laying around that worked fine Thanks, Marty

Marty thank you for this great idea.  We are going to increase the length on the gun butt screws as you recommended.

Marty used rivets to install our 310VT on his 2012 E-Z-GO RXV. I recommended he add a square plate to give the backing more support.

Joe, here’s a metal plate added. Should increase the life span. Tried these out on Sunday. Once I got the routine so getting them in and out, it was fine Thanks, Marty

Nice job Marty thanks for the idea and your recommendations. Joe

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