Gun Racks for UTV's & Golf Carts

Gun Grabber Universal Model Holding an Over and Under ShotgunWhy should I buy the gun grabber? In a word, SAFETY.

Introducing our New adjustable height Universal Floor Mount vehicle Gun Rack. Mount anywhere you want to safely and securely hold your shotgun or rifle! One size fits all with patented barrel gripping technology. Purchase yours today.
Watch this video on installing and test drive with the Universal Gun Grabber.


Made in the USA of the highest quality material!

Gun Grabber Universal Model Holding an Over and Under ShotgunThe Gun Grabber is the Ultimate Gun Holder. The Patented Design will Grip your Rifle or Shotgun, and Hold it securely at your Home, in your Hunting Blind, or on your UTV. The Universal Design will Hold any rifle from 22 Caliber and up. All shotguns from 20 gauge and up, Double Barrel, and O/U. The Gun Grabber is made in the USA of the highest quality materials and works without Straps, Velcro, or Snaps.

The straightforward design, gripping the gun by the barrel, ensures the Gun Grabber will securely and safely hold your gun in place. The Gun Grabber is the best gun rack on the market. This vertical gun holder, and its barrel gripping technology is available in TWO STYLES , QUICK RELEASE AND VEHICLE TRANSPORT .


Our Quick Release model holds your gun safely and releases with a one handed up and out motion. They are best suited for use in your home, camp or hunting blind where fast access is needed. Vertical Mount shoutgun in Golf Cart


Our Vehicle Transport Model (VT) will grip to hold your gun down in the included Santoprene rubber butt stock holder. This model works equally well in UTV ‘s , Golf Carts, Armored Trucks, or Swat Vehicles .


Quick Release

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