Over and Under Vertical Gun Rack Double 300 O/U 525UF


Our 525UF Double 300 Over and Under Vertical Gun Rack Universal Floor Mount  with Rubber Butts mounts anywhere you want to safely and securely hold your two over and under or side by side shotguns.  Comes with everything you need to quickly install in your golf cart or UTV. This over and under double gun rack is constructed of aluminum with stainless steel bolts and lock nuts that are securely bolted in your vehicle floor through a 4 inch by 4 inch aluminum plate we provide. Built in the USA;  this unit will NEVER RUST and last you a lifetime.

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Over and Under Vertical Gun Rack Double 300 O/U 525UF

Trap shooters, sporting clay, and skeet shooters our 525UF over and under vertical gun rack with two 300 O/U gungrabbers will mount in your UTV or Golf Cart a in a vertical position. 

The 525UF Universal Floor Mount vehicle transport over and under Gun Rack is ROCK SOLID and the answer to safely transport your guns.  We carry a single over and under vertical gun rack for tighter spaces or you just need to carry one gun.

Our Gun Grabber barrel gripping technology is patented to eliminate barrel damage while safely and securely holding your over and under or side by side firearm in the vertical safe position.

Made in the USA of the highest quality materials. The 525UF double 300 O/U is aluminum powered coated black. This gun rack WILL NEVER RUST

Please watch how to insert and remove gun from 300 O/U Gun Grabber.


  • Gun rack is height adjustable.
  • Gun Rack can be removed when not in use.
  • No straps Velcro to wear out and come lose.
  • Holds two over and under or side by side shotguns in vertical position.
  • Will never rust composed of aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Guaranteed no barrel damage.

Combo Includes: Two (2) 300OU Gun Grabbers and One (1) 525UF Universal Floor Mount Installation hardware is included and (2) Rubber Gun Butt Holder Mounts.

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Test Driving Universal Floor Single Gun Rack

525 Fast Gun Rack Removal Video

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