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Joe Interviews Danny for a Customer Review of our Glass & Cup Mount Gun Racks

Joe with interviews Danny for a customer review at his farm in North Western, Arkansas regarding his recent purchases and use of the glass mount gun rack and cup holder mount gun rack.

Customer Review Interview Video

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Karl Installed 310VT On His 2020 Polaris XP Pro 4

Joe: I mounted two 310VT’s In my 2020 Polaris XP Pro 4. An inch and a quarter pipe runs across the back of the front seats. There is a lot of room in the back and I cut the pipe and did A straight up, positioned off a short barrel AR platform but my regular rifles and shotguns work also. I screwed down the stock mount in a step on the center console. The other side has radiator lines under same spot so I will use short screws. Regards Karl

Karl thanks for your time and pictures on your install. We just came out with a new Polaris Ranger 1000 Gun Rack that mounts in one cup holder on the dash. No screws it fits in the cup holder and is held strong by the 3″ plug installs in minutes.

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Mounted 525UF In A Polaris Ranger 900 XP

Joe: I am sending you a couple pics of how I installed the 525 UF gungrabber.

I wanted to mount in center of my 2015 Polaris 900 ranger xp.

I added a bracket to help stabilize the gun grabber. Works great, rock solid. It also allows gun grabber height to be adjusted easily. Please let me know that pics come thru ok. Thank you best regards,


Ivan thank you for the great pictures and idea on the center mount stabilizer.  One question. You always use a skull to hold down your instructions. Just asking? 🙂


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525UF Installed On 2019 Polaris Ranger 1000

Joe: I am sending you a couple pictures of how I installed the 525 UF on my 2019 Polaris Ranger 1000. Tried out the new install on a Missouri deer hunt. The rifle didn’t move till I grabbed it. The only place I drilled holes in was the cup holder section in the middle of the dash, so no big deal if I go to trade I can buy another cup holder.. 
Great product Joe. 
Tim from NE Missouri

Tim’s Installed directions .

Tim took our 525UF mounting plate and used two angle brackets to securely hold the gungrabbers mounting plate. He marked the bolting locations on the top cup holder and removed it from the machine. He then drilled the four holes in the cup holder reinstalled the cup holder and mounted the gungrabber plate. This way the firearm butts can be installed to fit next to the cup holders and out of the way of his shifter in the middle console. Fits right in the middle of the UTV out of the way of him and passenger.

Excellent mount Tim. Thanks for sharing.

Tim we have just introduced a new gun rack that works great in the Polaris ranger 1000 UTV Gun Rack. Fits in the top cup holders and works like a charm, strong and sturdy. We field tested it for a year before bring it into market.

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