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Enclosed Tractor Glass Mounted Gun Rack

Farmers this gun rack is the answer to safely transporting a firearm in your tractor or combine. Hog, deer, wild dogs destroying your fields and livestock? Easy to mount and move to another tractor. Be ready be safe this is your answer.

The mounting bracket is a RAM-B-189BU RAM Mount Double Suction Mount Base.

In the picture mounted 310VT with RAM-B-189BU Glass Tractor Mount

We have tested this application in field conditions without the mount becoming dislodged but offer no guarantee it will not.



Tractor gun rack in enclosed combine
Tractor gun rack in enclosed combine

Enclosed Tractor Glass Mounted Gun Rack 1
#1 Innovative Tractor or Combine Glass Mount Gun Rack with Rubber Butt Gun Rack mounted in a Kubota tractor[/caption

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Karl Installed 310VT On His 2020 Polaris XP Pro 4

Joe: I mounted two 310VT’s In my 2020 Polaris XP Pro 4. An inch and a quarter pipe runs across the back of the front seats. There is a lot of room in the back and I cut the pipe and did A straight up, positioned off a short barrel AR platform but my regular rifles and shotguns work also. I screwed down the stock mount in a step on the center console. The other side has radiator lines under same spot so I will use short screws. Regards Karl

Karl thanks for your time and pictures on your install. We just came out with a new Polaris Ranger 1000 Gun Rack that mounts in one cup holder on the dash. No screws it fits in the cup holder and is held strong by the 3″ plug installs in minutes.

2020 polaris
2020 polaris xp 2
2020 polaris xp 3
2020 polaris xp 4