#1 Innovative Polaris Ranger 1000 Gun Rack Mount


Polaris Ranger 1000 Gun Rack. This Polaris Ranger 1000 UTV gun rack mounts in the front cab cup holder in a vertical position for easy access, secure, and safe. Also can be used in a Bobcat UV 34XL or John Deere XUV 590. Field tested for a year on some rough ground in real hunting test and the Polaris Ranger 1000 cup holder gun rack was ROCK SOLID.


Our Patented Gungrabber Inserts:
310 VT  is designed to hold any caliber rifle or single barrel shotgun.
300 O/U is designed to hold Side by Side, Over and Under Shotguns, or Large Bull Barrel Rifles.

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#1 Polaris Ranger 1000 Gun Rack

This 3 inch cup holder gun rack will mount your gun in a safe vertical position in your Polaris Ranger 1000 UTV Side by Side. This UTV gun rack can be installed in more UTV’s such as the Bobcat UV 34XL and John Deere XUV 590. 

Our Polaris 1000 gun rack is your answer to safely transport any caliber rifle or shotgun in your utility terrain vehicle (UTV). This Polaris Ranger 1000 gun rack was tested during hog, deer, wild dog, elk, and bear hunts over different types of  terrain with no problems related to gun rack stability.

Our cup holder gun rack is easy to install allows for quick gun access and just as easy to remove. Holds strong for safe gun access and has been put to the test by many American hunters.

Polaris Ranger 1000 Gun Rack mounted in a farmers UTV

The mounting bracket is powdered coated black durable steel with a 3″ plug that mounts inside a 3 inch cup holder. Our patented 310VT gungrabber is attached to the mounting bracket with stainless steel bolts and stainless steel nylon nuts. The patented  310VT will firmly hold your gun IT WILL NOT MOVE bounce around or become dislodged from the gun mount. This unit will NEVER RUST and our thick shock absorber rubber butt holds your gun in place.

We have tested this application in field conditions without the mount becoming dislodged but offer no guarantee it will not.

Installing Polaris Ranger 1000 UTV Cup Holder Gun Rack Mount with Rubber Butt: .

  • Clean cup holder with a degreaser followed by a glass cleaner to remove any dirt, dust, and water from within the cup.
  • Dry thoroughly. Once installed we tested to see if getting wet effected the unit and there was none.  
  • Loosen Wing Nut.
  • Insert plug in cup holder and tighten the wing nut securely while pushing down on the top of plug. Make sure  the plug is inserted deep into cup.
  • Using an UNLOADED gun insert in 310VT (How to insert/remove gun from 310VT) gungrabber and mark were the butt will be installed.
  • You can screw, glue, or use double sided tape to hold the rubber gun butt in place.
  • Guns with large magazines or scopes can be mounted East West or North South.
  • Please watch video on installing and removing gun from 30VT.

Will Install In any 3″ cup holder. Below are the ones we tested to date:

Polaris Ranger 1000
Bobcat UV 34XL
John Deere XUV 590

Purchase includes:

(1) RAM Mounting Bracket (1) 310VT (1) Rubber Gun Butt. Everything to install in a matter of minutes.

Call us at 877.486.4722 for more information.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Gungrabber Inserts

300 O/U Insert, 310VT Insert


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