About The Gun Grabber

Our product is a registered trademark in the United States RN number 3203342. Made in the USA there is only one The Gun Grabber get the best.

The Gun Grabber began in 2000, when owner and inventor Rob Scott was duck hunting with friends. “We had one of those close calls you hear about….we all had our guns leaned up against the blind and one of the dogs somehow got in. We all scrambled to get our guns safely secured, and that got me thinking.” Rob’s son was about 4 years old at the time, and he wanted something hunters could use in their blinds that would hold the loaded guns at the ready and would be stable so that the unexpected- whether loose dogs or young boys learning how to hunt with their dads- wouldn’t turn into a tragedy.

“I started looking around for something that would have a solid grip and I actually made a prototype out of some aluminum and a piece of scrap rubber.

“I did a lot of research and a lot of field testing with different materials to find out what would work the best before we went into production. The patented Gun Grabber is now constructed from injection molded nylon and injection molded TPE or thermoplastic elastomeric.

“We are a company that is committed to providing sportsmen with innovative quality products that are guaranteed to work, and more are on the way.”