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Enclosed Tractor Glass Mounted Gun Rack

Farmers this gun rack is the answer to safely transporting a firearm in your tractor or combine. Hog, deer, wild dogs destroying your fields and livestock? Easy to mount and move to another tractor. Be ready be safe this is your answer.

The mounting bracket is a RAM-B-189BU RAM Mount Double Suction Mount Base.

In the picture mounted 310VT with RAM-B-189BU Glass Tractor Mount

We have tested this application in field conditions without the mount becoming dislodged but offer no guarantee it will not.



Tractor gun rack in enclosed combine
Tractor gun rack in enclosed combine

Enclosed Tractor Glass Mounted Gun Rack 1
#1 Innovative Tractor or Combine Glass Mount Gun Rack with Rubber Butt Gun Rack mounted in a Kubota tractor[/caption

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Tractor Mounted Gun Rack

Bill from Tennessee

“I want to thank you for the extra quick service or my order placed on 6/28. Package arrived mid morning today!!!! Got it mounted onto my tractor tonight. No more running to the house for the shotgun to shoot another snake. Kubota should put these on as standard equipment.

kubota tractor

This mount is awesome!

I ordered the Model 310VT. I have it mounted on a Kubota M6800 on the ROPS post. It sits to the left and just behind the range selector, nicely tucked out of the way, but easy to get to. This mount is rock solid! My farm has some pretty rough ground, and the rifle has never even offered to move in the mount. (And I have tried.) It’s super easy to place/remove the rifle with one hand! I am always seeing coyotes while out working in the fields and always thinking that if I had a way to securely hold a rifle I could kill a few. Now I don’t have an excuse.


After having scoured the internet for months looking for a way to securely mount a rifle to the tractor, I will admit I was a bit leery on buying the mount for $34.95. I was not expecting much with regards of craftsmanship and quality. Boy, was I surprised!


I can’t wait to find a place to mount another, maybe a tree stand or ground blind. I will definitely be buying another! Very well worth double or triple the money! Thanks for making a quality product at a price anyone can afford!

Greg from Kentucky