310 Vehicle Transport Models

Video how to insert your weapon in a 310VT

Gun Grabber mounting bracket with rubber stock holder is a one size fits all types of guns, patented barrel gripping vertical gun rack for vehicle transport.

Model: 310VT

110QR Mounted

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110QR Mounted

The Gun Grabber VT model One size fits all, patented barrel gripping vertical gun rack for all hunting guns.

It will even work with shotguns that have barrel length extended magazine tubes like the Mossberg 590 and the Remington 870 police models.

Use in any place where high security is required.

Model: 310MS
Gungrabbers installed on Coast Guard Cutter.

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 110QR Mounted

This model grips to hold the firearms down in the Santorprene rubber butt stock holder, and is removed with a two hand release. Made in the USA, using the highest quality Thermoplastic rubber.

The Military Grade Vehicle Transport Model features a black gripper instead of the standard orange and uses a 1/8 inch steel plate finished with a military spec powder coat finish.
310MS 110QR Mounted


The Gun Grabber was originally designed as a better way to hold a shotgun while duck hunting. Police and military personal asked if we could come up with a design they could use in their different commercial applications. They asked we delivered.