Tim Install On His 2019 Polaris Ranger 1000

Joe: I am sending you a couple pictures of how I installed the 525 UF on my 2019 Polaris Ranger 1000. Tried out the new install on a Missouri deer hunt. The rifle didn't move till I grabbed it. The only place I drilled holes in was the cup holder section in the middle of the dash, so no big deal if I go to trade I can buy another cup holder..
Great product Joe.
Tim from NE Missouri


Tim's Installed directions .

Tim took our 525UF mounting plate and used two angle brackets to securely hold the gungrabbers mounting plate. He marked the bolting locations on the top cup holder and removed it from the machine. He then drilled the four holes in the cup holder reinstalled the cup holder and mounted the gungrabber plate. This way the firearm butts can be installed to fit next to the cup holders and out of the way of his shifter in the middle console. Fits right in the middle of the UTV out of the way of him and passenger.

Excellent mount Tim. Thanks for sharing.

2006 club car gun rack mounted



2006 club car 400fb mounted


2006 club car 400fb mounted

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